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How We Work

Again, unlike other consulting firms who will provide you with teams of junior people, we do the work ourselves - what you see is what you get.  

And we promise you this - no surprises.  

We will communicate with you clearly and openly when there are problems that need to be resolved, be they system problems, behavioral issues, accountability problems, record integrity, etc.  Finally, while we do on-site consulting and education, we don't move in.  Your people do the work under our direction and guidance so that when we leave, your improvements stay.  

We are able to mentor and coach at all levels of an organization, being the voice of the project team to executive management, and the voice of executive management to the project team.  By working with people across the organization we can help define and implement solutions that have organizational buy-in - solutions that will truly work.   

One client says: "I got more help and direction from a PFE Senior Partner in 4 hours than I got from a 'Big Five' consultant in 2 weeks."

Click on "Global S&OP Class A Checklist" in our resource links for a new checklist specifically designed for companies operating a global S&OP process.  Recently developed with Robert Jones, one of our professional associates, it is the only checklist dealing specifically with global S&OP issues.  

Let one of our Senior Partners discuss how we can help you become more successful using proven tools and methods.  

Send us an email or call us at 1 978-375-7808.