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Do you have any of these problems

  • Departments operate as silos

  • Dysfunctional communication processes

  • Poor teamwork

  • Problem/project of the month mentality

  • Employees have not been trained in use of problem solving tools, so problem solving activities are informal and erratic, with slow progress solving real problems

  • People don't feel empowered to act or to solve problems

  • Action Teams tend to spend too much time in analysis and too little in actual implementation

  • Action teams lack direction and focus

  • Listening and communication skills are poor or non-existent

  • The climate of the organization does not allow people to be involved in solving business problems

Learn the secrets to getting these kinds of results (results are from our clients):  

  • Immediate improvements in cross-department communications resulting from formal S&OP process.  

  • Single set of "line-of-sight" performance measurements ensure teams working to common objectives.  

  • Achieved Class A Resource Planning Certification and ISO Registration in same calendar year because of focused teams. 

  • Through S&OP, greatly improved the communication between Sales and Manufacturing.

  • Developed a process of Marketing and Master Scheduling jointly setting and approving finished goods safety stock levels.

  • Involving Product Development, Finance and Sales in monthly S&OP meetings. 

  • Action Teams that have been trained in facilitation, communication and teamwork skills and the use of problem solving tools get to the root causes of the problem and implement corrective actions 75% faster.

  • A cross-functional Customer Concentric team reduced customer complaints by 85%.

  • A packaging production team addressed overweights/giveaways and reduced them by 55%. 

  • A Corrective Action Team addressed excessive scrap in the casting work center and reduced scrap by 45%

  • A packaging/mixing production team video taped their changeovers in mixing and packaging reviewed the tape and reduced changeover time by 65% without spending additional capital.  

  • A production oven team re-laid out their production line and reduced 9,080 steps per shift and saved 1.63 hours per shift.  


Typically our clients have worked on the following areas to show the kinds of improvements listed above:  

  • Upgraded sales and operations planning processes to foster cross-department communication.   

  • Formal team-building and communication skills development programs.  

  • Formal training programs in key skills - resource planning, lean concepts, statistical process controls.  

  • New performance measurement systems and metrics.  

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Tailored classes and workshops

  • A solid, well-planned program of tailored, on-site education

  • Tailored education methodology

Consulting and assessment

  • Objective assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

  • Tangible improvements and financial results as you go


You can get personalized help.  If you would like to discuss your company's situation in more detail, you can send a question or comments to one of our Senior Partners using the form below, or you can call directly. 


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