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Executive Briefings

“Seems like every day someone shows up in my office promising to save me 20 cents on the dollar, if only I’ll commit 25% of my time to leading the program.  In the past three months, I’ve had several programs proposed that look just like this one.  Obviously we’re not going to save 100 cents on the dollar, so which ones work and which ones don’t?” said one executive recently.

We designed the Executive Briefing to discuss improvement programs within the context of better performance in the following areas: high quality, low cost, and flexibility.  

We can help you understand which programs are more than just promises and what kinds of companies benefit from them.  Building an understanding on how to fit new initiatives within existing programs, and how to get people to change their management practices, is the key output of this briefing.

Three to six hours - at your site, scheduled at your convenience.   

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